Dirty Audi and VW wheels are a thing of the past

No longer do you have to put up with dirty wheels on your European car. The traditional soft pads that Audi & Volkswagen use for performance brakes result in a lot of  black dust.

Audi & VW owners love their cars, but hate cleaning their wheels.

European Autotech now has a comprehensive range of dustless brake pads made by Akebono and Textar, two of the world’s leading brake manufacturers. These brake pads provide a cleaner and quieter braking experience and are more cost effective as they last longer than traditional brake pads.

Euro Ultra-Premium brake pads from Akebono and epad brake pads from Textar will keep your Audi and VW wheels virtually free from dust and provide improved stopping power while at the same time extending brake life.

Don’t wait for your old brake pads to wear out, swap over to Akebono or epad dustless brake pads now to enjoy improved performance and clean wheels for you Audi or VW.

To have these excellent brakes installed, simply call us today to book in your Audi or VW Service in our Sydney workshop today.