Does European Autotech sell any parts?

Yes. Our performance and tuning center technicians are able to advise you on the upgrade and performance parts for your Audi and Volkswagen. Our upcoming store will also carry your favourite brands allowing you to shop online for performance Audi & Volkswagen.

Can European Autotech modify my car?

Of course! European Autotech has been performing Audi & VW service in Sydney along with performance & tuning upgrades since 1993. So if you are just looking for a bit more, or a lot more performance we can help. We work with drivers who are enthusiasts, all the way through to race car preparation.

Performance upgrade and tuning require specialised knowledge and experience as many modifications are outside the parameters of original manufacture. To know what modification you can safely make to your Audi or Volkswagen and which will damage your car is a question only experience can answer.

European Autotech is also the APR Master Dealer for NSW. APR engineer only the highest quality tuning solutions for Audi, Volkswagen & Porsche vehicles, ensuring the enthusiast the ultimate driving experience, while consistently providing the enthusiast the ultimate in customer care and support.

Can I use European Autotech and keep my warranty?

Of course. At European Autotech, Logbook services are carried out as per the manufacturer’s logbook schedule for your specific vehicle make and model. As long as you bring your car in for service within the schedule outline in your manual you will retain your warranty. You will also save yourself some money in the process.

I see you service Audi and VW, can you fix other makes?

Most probably yes. While european Autotech specialises in European Automotive brands, we can service or fix just about any make or model unless it is something very specific. Give us a call today to see if we can help you further.

Can I pay via credit card?

Yes. European Autotech have full merchant facilities and accept most major credit cards and EFTPOS payments.

Do you specialise in Audi and VW service and repair?

European Autotech are specialists in VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat. Derek has 32 years experience himself and both mechanics are factory trained with over 10 years experience each. We also have extensive experience in BMW. While 95% of our work is with these brands we can do other cars for customers when needed.
Specialising in the service and repair of European cars and not “all makes and models”, means European Autotech have more parts in stock for quicker repairs. This level of specialised experience on Audi & VW exclusively lets European Autotech diagnose and repair your vehicle cheaper and in a shorter time-frame.
European Autotech use factory equipment, technical information and knowledge defined by original manufacturers for the best possible Audi service or VW service and diagnostics.

My car has broken down, can you help?

Yes. European Autotech Sydney service can help you if your car is needing urgent repair, even if you get left on the side of the road. Our experienced technicians will quickly identify the issues with your car and used only the best parts to make sure you are back on the road as soon as possible. We carry large a inventory of parts to speed up the process so you loose less time. European Autotech service Sydney also provides mobile repair and performance upgrades via the European Autotech Mobile Van. Unlike other mobile services, the European Autotech mobile service is specialised for repairing and tuning Audi and Volkswagen vehicles in Sydney. So even if you breakdown on the road, specialised Audi and VW help is just a call away.

Do I need to go to a dealer for service to keep my warranty?

No. Your dealer may not mention that you do not have to return to your dealer for service to maintain your new car warranty. There is no obligation to take your car to any particular repairer.

However a warranty claim may be refused if the car is not serviced to schedule and the logbook stamped as proof. Modern cars need expert attention by specialists. Nobody can be specialists in “All Makes And Models”. Make sure you take your car to some who specialises in them for the best results. Take it to European Autotech Sydney.

European Autotech uses only qualified Volkswagen and Audi factory trained technicians in their service workshop. Unlike many other workshops, including the official dealerships, European Autotech only uses qualified technicians for your Audi or Volkswagen service.

European Autotech use factory equipment, technical information and knowledge defined by original manufacturers for the best possible Audi service or VW service and diagnostics.