2.0T Stage III FWD Turbo Upgrade

The award winning APR 2.0T FSI Stage III is now available to the public! Own the same turbo system found in Volkswagen of America’s R-GTI Concept Car and APR’s VoA Tuner Challenge Winning GTI!

APR began developing complete turbocharger upgrade systems in 1998 and 1999 brought the release of APR’s first VW/Audi turbo upgrade system, the APR 1.8T Stage III. To this day, the APR Stage III has progressed over nine different reiterations across sixteen different Volkswagen Automotive Group models from the Audi A4 and Volkswagen GTI to the Seat Leon and Skoda Octavia and has yet to be duplicated. Building upon almost ten years of experience, APR’s engineers have developed our crowning achievement through the newest technology in turbocharged engines, the 2.0T FSI.

The APR 2.0T FSI Stage III delivers a powerful, refined, turnkey solution from the expertly recalibrated engine management system to the investment cast inconel exhaust manifold and upgraded FSI fuel injectors and fuel pump. Featuring the APR/Garrett Honeywell Ballistic Series GT2871APR Ball Bearing Turbocharger, the APR Stage III brings your Fast to 285 daily drivable kilowatts and 450 Nm of neck snapping torque.

Tested by Professional Race Car Drivers Randy Pobst and Ian Baas across six road courses throughout the Continental United States for over a year, the APR Stage III operates as if intended by the factory with flawless drivability your Grandmother can drive and reliability you would trust to your spouse on a long drive alone. Rock solid idle and amazing part throttle operation takes the weekend trailer queen out of the highly modified aftermarket and provides luxury car daily driving during a trip to the office and pure, powerful, consistent performance while turning laps on the race track. Intense durability testing at the most demanding road courses in the country allowed an engineering solution that will perform lap after lap and commute after commute. APR, once again, has delivered unparalleled Enhancement to Your Driving Experience! The highlights of the kit include the following:

■ APR Investment Cast Inconel Exhaust Manifold

■ APR Honeywell/Garrett Ballistic Series Ball-Bearing Turbocharger

■ Larger APR designed Mass Airflow Sensor Housing

■ APR Custom Cast Silicone Intake Hoses

■ APR FSI Fuel Injectors and High Pressure FSI Fuel Pump

■ APR Intercooler

■ All Associate Plumbing and Hardware

■ APR Software


Stage III is currently in development for these vehicles:

■ Audi TT 2.0T Quattro

■ Audi A3 2.0T Quattro

■ Audi A3 2.0T (AXX Engine)

■ Audi S3 2.0T Quattro

■ VW Golf GTI (AXX Engine)

■ VW Eos 2.0T

■ Vehicles with DSG

The power increase with the APR Stage III kit for the 2.0T is substantial. It is highly recommended that brake and suspension upgrades are done to safely use the potential of this upgrade. It is also recommended that the stock engine internals be upgraded for power levels above 98 RON, as APR is not responsible for this type of damage to the engine.