The dynamic and progressive Audi brand has enjoyed record growth in Australia since 2004. More than tripling vehicle sales in this time, Audi continues to break new ground in this country – introducing its sporty and progressive product to a receptive public each year. With so many Audi vehicles on the road, the need for a quality Audi service in Sydney increases each year.

For over than 100 years, Audi has been at the forefront of vehicle design, leading technology and innovative production practices, and this pioneering heritage has seen the Audi brand win numerous awards, year-on-year for its great product.

This year, Audi celebrates 30 years of its leading-edge quattro all-wheel drive technology – one of the brand’s most famous innovations – an active safety feature which promotes vehicle stability on all road surfaces, as well as offering dynamic yet surefooted performance.

European Autotech will keep your Audi on the road in peak performance with superior Audi servicing and repair facilities.

Audi models: