S3 2.0T

APR 2.0T Intercooler

APR has designed the best intercooler upgrade for your 2.0T FSI engine as found in the Audi A3 and TT plus ’05 – ’07 VW Golf, Jetta, Eos. Charge air cooling is essential to maintaining powerful and safe operation of a turbocharged engine and as performance is increased, so must the efficiency of the intercooler. The APR FSI Intercooler is a perfect OEM intercooler replacement with an intercooler core size almost three times the size of the original unit.


APR FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump

While modifying the 2.0T FSI engine beyond factory power levels, it became quickly apparent that an additional volume of high-pressure fuel was needed to make horsepower, especially in the midrange (3000-5000rpm) of the powerband. To understand why this fuel is needed for the midrange, one must first understand how the fuel delivery system works in the 2.0T.


APR is proud to be the Authorized Distributor for Carbonio Cold Air Intake (CAI) systems. Manufactured from aerospace grade carbon fiber, Carbonio further improves this material by incorporating a proprietary thermal barrier layer in its construction. The result is an exceptionally light and strong part that minimizes intake temperatures. This ensures that the engine optimizes power by receiving the coldest and most oxygen rich air possible.