RS6 V8

APR ECU Upgrade RS6 C5 4.2 V8

For years now, no one has been able to simulate what APR’s EMCS does. Our staff of 5 engineers and 20+ employees has broken the mold of “performance tuning” by creating new technology. APR has revolutionized “chipping” with innovation not matched in the industry. There is only one tuner that offers software so refined and complete with so many options. There is only one APR.


APR R1 Diverter Valve 1.8T

The APR R1 diverter valve was designed to be the ultimate solution to the problem of unreliable factory and aftermarket diverter valves and to be the leader in performance. Although most are of good design, factory diverter valves are built in a very conscious manner and the materials and overall life and reliability suffer. For the performance enthusiast, the diverter valve is an important component whose proper operation is paramount to optimal engine operation.


APR Stainless Steel Exhaust

APR’s RS6 Exhaust is a stainless steel, mandrel bent, cat-back exhaust. Our exhaust begins after the factory catalytic converters with dual 2.5″ pipes, and continues back to the innovative center muffler. From there, it splits to two separate mufflers placed in the factory location.


How to help us help you. If you have a problem with your car and have VCDS (vag-com) and you can log maybe we can help you out with diagnosis of your problem.