TT 2.0T

APR ECU Upgrade TT 2.0T

The ultimate chip upgrade for the Audi TT 8J engine is available from APR. After months of long nights and many hours of dyno work we are pleased to offer you chip tuning that is second to none. We have worked hand in hand with many customers to deliver a chip that works. Expect huge increases in low-end torque, improved throttle response and a smoother, more powerful top end.


APR 2.0T Intercooler

APR has designed the best intercooler upgrade for your 2.0T FSI engine as found in the Audi A3 and TT plus ’05 – ’07 VW Golf, Jetta, Eos. Charge air cooling is essential to maintaining powerful and safe operation of a turbocharged engine and as performance is increased, so must the efficiency of the intercooler. The APR FSI Intercooler is a perfect OEM intercooler replacement with an intercooler core size almost three times the size of the original unit.


APR Engine Mount Insert for 2.0T Transverse: The APR Torque Arm Mount Insert is inserted to the existing engine mount, which greatly reduces driveline shock and drivetrain slack, resulting in improved power transfer. It also enhances upshifting and downshifting.