Ferodo DS3000 Brake pads

Ferodo DS3000 is the Ferodo Racing compound that has set the braking standard since 1998. DS3000 has contributed to countless wins and podium positions in many Touring car and GT championships around the world. It has reduced bedding time, approximately 50% faster than other materials.

When using DS3000 on lighter racing cars lower brake pressures will be required to achieve the required deceleration.

The main characteristics of DS3000 are:

– Very high coefficient of friction (0.54) at all speeds and temperatures

– High initial bite

– Predictability and control because of the unvarying torque output

– Low off-brake drag

As a general guide we recommend that you consider the following when making your material compound selection:

  • 4WD cars: same compound, front and rear
  • Rear traction cars: same compound, front and rear
  • Front traction cars: high friction level in the front axle (i.e. DS3000), lower friction level on the rear axle (i.e. DS2500, 4003)