High pressure fuel pump cam follower

This is one of the most critical parts in your 2.0TFSI engine. It is a known high failure part that we recommend being checked at every service. It is cheap insurance against a major engine failure.

ROUTINE FUEL PUMP INSPECTION On a periodic basis, around every fifteen thousand (15,000) km, European Autotech recommends that you inspect the FSI fuel pump, cam follower, and camshaft in accordance with the factory TSB for abnormal wear. If any wear appears to have worn through the black wear coating on the cam follower, we recommend that you replace the cam follower. Once this black coating is worn off, the wear rate of the cam follower and lobe is dramatically increased. Keeping a good cam follower in the car is critical to the long term operation of your vehicle. The cam follower and camshaft wear rates on even stock vehicles appears to be increased over what even VW/Audi has anticipated. We predict that VW/Audi will either supersede these components to increase their longevity or they will begin to include this inspection as a part of the routine maintenance of the vehicle. We also highly recommend on any modified car an increased oil service interval. Be sure to use oil that is VW 502 00 specification approved, and change the oil on a regular basis, preferably every three to five thousand (5000-8000) km.