Golf V

APR Front Anti-Sway Bars

APR Motorsport’s first product release from the 2008 Race Season is the new Roll Control Front and Rear Anti-sway Bars. After much testing of APR Motorsport’s MKV GTI Koni Challenge Race Cars, the suspension was finally dialed in with the addition of the Roll Control Anti-sway Bars. Three adjustment settings allowed APR Motorsport to specifically cater the reduced body roll and increased slip angle provided the by the Roll Control Anti-sway Bars to each racing environment. Weight Reduction over the original equipment bars and increased stiffness of the chassis allowed for faster lap times through quicker corner exit speeds and reduced understeer.


APR FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump

While modifying the 2.0T FSI engine beyond factory power levels, it became quickly apparent that an additional volume of high-pressure fuel was needed to make horsepower, especially in the midrange (3000-5000rpm) of the powerband. To understand why this fuel is needed for the midrange, one must first understand how the fuel delivery system works in the 2.0T.


Sachs Coilovers Golf GTI MkV

The Sachs Performance Coilover Suspension for tuning, track racing, club sports, drift racing, freeway driving.