Car Service

Every car needs regular maintenance so that it can run efficiently. Car service plays an important role in the maintenance of your vehicle. However, this service brings out various challenges. For instance, your car might need replacement of some parts, oil refill or engine tuning for optimal performance. A car service company should offer you the one-stop service destination for all needs of your vehicle. That’s why the right place for your automotive service needs is European Autotech. We specialise in automotive service of European cars, in particular Audi and Volkswagen.

Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle servicing involves changing minor parts and refilling oil. Servicing also involves cleaning crucial car parts, like the FSI fuel system, so that we keep your car running and fuel efficient at the same time. Different models of cars have different needs. As a knowledgeable and reliable car service company, European Autotech knows your vehicle’s needs and services your car accordingly.


Some cars which are older will involve repairs, like fixing the brakes or servicing the air conditioning. These mechanical repairs are handled by our proficient and trained mechanics. If there is a need for parts replacement, then we will have the parts available in advance. We also offer mobile car service, wherein our automotive mobile repair vehicle can visit your home or workplace to perform the service.


Even before a car is serviced, the first step that our car service mechanic undertakes is diagnosing the fault. Once the problems are diagnosed, it becomes easy to fix the car and get it to perfect running condition. No work is carried out without your approval.

Wheel Alignment

If a car has to run safely and perfectly on the road, a perfect wheel alignment is necessary. Our mechanics make sure that your vehicle does not drag and the tyres are aligned to the body of the car. A balanced car can run much more efficiently and offer better fuel economy.

Vehicle Parts

For most European car owners, finding authentic car parts is a big challenge. People are often worried if the car service centre will have the right and genuine parts. With us, you don’t have to worry about it, as we store most parts for all European makes and models, particularly Audi and Volkswagen. We do not supply them at a premium price either. You will get the quality that you need with us, at the right price. If we can’t find the right part, we’ll make it here in the workshop.


We understand that time is a big constraint for most of our customers. It is like being stranded in a desert without a vehicle. We ensure the fastest delivery possible for our customers.

Call us today and see the difference yourself! You will be amazed at our professional and high quality service.