Logbook servicing

As part of ownership of any vehicle the manufacturer lists specific milestones where your car should be checked for any faults, change the oil and other wearing parts. This is a good practice for general maintenance of your car but also to make sure you retain the warranty of your vehicle.

At European Autotech, Logbook services are carried out as per the manufacturer’s statutory logbook schedule for your specific vehicle make and model.

We can service or repair your car whilst maintaining your new car statutory warranty. Your dealer may not mention that you do not have to return to your dealer for service to maintain your new car warranty. Anyone who claims you need to use the dealer where you purchased your care isn’t being honest with you. We believe you should choose exercise your right to choose the best in specialised European servicing and repair – European Autotech.

European Autotech uses only genuine Audi parts, genuine Volkswagen parts, genuine BMW parts or genuine Porsche parts during repairs, meaning your car keeps the balance of your original warranty while enjoying personal and expert service.