Pre-purchase and end of warranty inspection

Whether you are purchasing a new car or own a car near the end of its warranty, we can inspect the vehicle and provide a full report on the condition of the vehicle.

There is no doubt that there are some great bargains when purchasing a used car. There are also some real lemons that will quickly turn the joy of having a new car into a real pain. The last thing you want to feel is that sinking feeling of regret when you realise that the used car you just bought is a dud. Knowing what is a good car and what isn’t is the tricky part. Some cars look fantastic cosmetically, but have serious internal issues that appear after you’ve purchased the vehicle.

Even when you buy it with a warranty from a dealer, further repairs can be extremely inconvenient and are never placed as a top priority, so your warranty is not worth as much as you think. European Autotech can give you peace of mind that the vehicle you decide on, new or pre-owned, will serve you well for some time to come.

Book your inspection today for peace of mind.