Our Team

For many people their cars are far more than just transport. Owners of European and exotic cars derive many different pleasures from owning their vehicles. European Autotech understands this and has designed their services to cater for the needs of discerning owners.

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Experienced and specialised in Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche

Derek has been working on prestige vehicles since 1982. Having completed his apprenticeship in Ireland he has worked in the UK with race teams in F3 and specialist VW/Audi workshops. Since coming to Australia in 1988 he has specialised in VW/Audi and BMW. With an 8 year interlude in racing in Australia European Autotech was opened in 2001.

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Expertise in Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche and BMW vehicles

Derek, owner and founder of European Autotech has over 36 years experience with Audi and Volkswagen servicing, tuning and technology. Derek started European Autotech as a quality alternative Audi and VW service centre in Sydney. Many owners of Audi and VW models prize their cars highly and often look outside the traditional dealers for experience and pe... Read the rest