EA Mobile – Mobile Mechanic Sydney

People are very busy managing work and home and this often leaves them little time to tend to their cars. As a result, any repair or routine car maintenance is relegated to the bottom of the to-do list until something goes wrong and the car refuses to start or perform properly. Then, it’s a race against time to find the right garage and mechanic to fix the problem. This is easier said than done and that is why you need to consider a mobile mechanic in Sydney.

At European Autotech (EA) we know the frustration of being saddled with a mechanical problem and then facing a long delay at the automotive workshop to get it fixed. With our mobile mechanic Sydney service you never have to wait or face delays in getting your car back. You can enjoy the luxury of having your vehicle repaired at your home, work place or even where it has stalled. This will save you time and a lot of stress.

What Can Our Mobile Mechanics Offer You?

A mobile mechanic Sydney from European Autotech can offer you a wide range of services that cover not just brake repair, but also air conditioning repairs, electrical repairs and mechanical repairs. Whether your vehicle’s engine is making weird sounds or the engine refuses to start without a warning sign, you can rely on mobile mechanic Sydney to fix the problem.

Our mechanics are highly trained and skilled to carry our simple as well as complex repairs on-site. They undergo rigorous training and have the knowledge of using the latest diagnostic tools to find the crux of the matter and execute the repairs without any issue or delay.

Why Choose European Autotech?

EA mobile mechanic Sydney can undertake routine log book servicing, performance upgrades, pre-purchase inspections and even come to your rescue if you experience a breakdown. You’ll have access to all the automotive expertise and services that you would get at a qualified and reliable workshop. We excel in servicing and repairing European cars, especially Volkswagen and Audi.

As long as there is 2.1 M clearance, our mobile repair vehicle can go to any location. Our vehicle is fully equipped with a wide range of specialised parts and tooling. This means that our mobile mechanic Sydney services can resolve any kind of mechanical issue in European cars on the spot without having to tow your car back to the workshop.

EA Mobile Mechanic Sydney Services

Some of the EA mobile mechanic Sydney services that you can expect from us includes the following:

  • Routine servicing of Audi vehicles
  • Full gamut of APR upgrades and installation of tuning performance parts
  • Battery services
  • Breakdown services
  • Emergency repairs
  • Scheduled service of an Audi or Volkswagen as per the service log book
  • Diagnostics and fault-finding

When you have the luxury of calling EA mobile mechanic Sydney for your European car, why go to a workshop? Now the diagnosis of faults in your vehicle will be faster and you can expect repairs and installations to be equally fast. All the jobs that require a vehicle to be taken to a workshop can easily be undertaken by European Autotech. Just give us a call  and we will visit you at the designated address, be it your home or workplace.