Logbook servicing

As part of ownership of any vehicle the manufacturer lists specific milestones where your car should be checked for any faults, change the oil and other wearing parts. This is a good practice for general maintenance of your car but also to make sure you retain the warranty of your vehicle.

At European Autotech, Logbook services are carried out as p... Read the rest

Unscheduled repairs

In the life-cycle of most cars, there comes a day where your car develops a fault, leaving you on the side of the road. Today’s automotive materials and general manufacturing standards are far better than days of old, but as a car ages, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to replace a few wearing parts here and there.

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Pre-purchase and end of warranty inspection

Whether you are purchasing a new car or own a car near the end of its warranty, we can inspect the vehicle and provide a full report on the condition of the vehicle.

There is no doubt that there are some great bargains when purchasing a used car. There are also some real lemons that will quickly turn the joy of having a new car into a real pain. Th... Read the rest

Performance upgrades for your Audi, BMW, VW or Porsche

European Autotech has been performing Audi & VW service in Sydney along with performance & tuning upgrades since 1993.

Performance upgrade and tuning require specialised knowledge and experience as many modifications are outside the parameters of original manufacture. To know what modification you can safely make to your Audi or Volkswagen ... Read the rest

Volkswagen Service

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Car Service

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Audi Service

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Performance Brands

The European Autotech Audi & Volkswagen service center in Sydney has a history or performance tuning and race preparation for Audi & Volkswagen, Porsche and Skoda. Along with OEM parts, we stock and install a massive selection of parts from respected performance brands such as: